A New Paradigm for Reinvigorating the Promise of Higher Education

Transforming Post Secondary Education

Education enables opportunity. Western Governors University (WGU) has grown to lead the nation in student outcomes, student satisfaction, and employer satisfaction by leveraging technology and a new paradigm to bring high quality, affordable education that creates opportunities for our 150,000 graduates in all 50 states. Expanding our vision to reinvigorate the promise of higher education for tens of millions more will require a transformation of all aspects of post-secondary education.

Over the last 20 years WGU has transformed higher education by improving quality, expanding access, and optimizing student success through online, competency-based degree programs aligned with workforce needs.

Ensuring workforce relevance for a new generation of human capital is an NUVP hallmark. It begins with a commitment around the development of curriculum on competencies defined by industry employers. For example, NUVP fund leaders and advisors are already building several new products to guarantee a business focus on education-workforce relevancy:

Learner skills map: acquired skills mapped to job role requirements

Skills transcript: a transcript of skill achievement mapped to marketable, industry-informed competencies

And WGU President Scott Pulsipher was invited to participate in the U.S. Department of Commerce’s American Workforce Policy Advisory Board to help build national momentum toward investing in our most valuable resource: the American worker. Making those outcomes available to millions requires a new approach.

To ignite this new vision, New U Venture Partners (NUVP) is a fund formed and sponsored by WGU to catalyze this global initiative to develop the innovation that will redefine a post-secondary education that supports the future of work, improves quality, expands access, and optimizes outcomes for the next century.

Working together, WGU and NUVP's mission is to improve quality in education and expand access to educational opportunities for all individuals. This mission is defined broadly, and contemplates the needs of non-traditional learners regardless of employment status, economic background, geographic location, or type of education.

By leveraging lessons learned and capturing synergies over the last two decades at WGU, NUVP makes it possible to:

  • Deliver access and affordability in education
  • Enable global distribution and delivery of education
  • Promote post-secondary education readiness
  • Enhance learning delivery and student experience
  • Facilitate workforce transition / up-skilling

Reinventing Higher Education

To empower the future workforce and reinvigorate the promise of higher education for not just 100s of thousands, but millions of individuals, we have amplified our vision from reinventing the institution, to reinventing the entire system of higher education.

WGU's 10x Vision

Purpose: Change the lives of individuals and families

Mission: Improve quality, expand access, optimize outcomes

Enabling tenfold transformative impact on how higher education is accessed, delivered, experienced and attained:

  • National, even global system
  • Academic and co-curricular services and technology
  • Credentials across post-secondary continuum
  • Impacting millions of lives

The Promise of Higher Education is Opportunity

In today’s digital economy, two of every three jobs require some kind of post-secondary education, yet only 50 percent of employers believe higher education is producing job-ready graduates—and only six percent of graduates with a bachelor’s degree believe college prepared them for success.

Successfully shifting the paradigm of higher education requires a metamorphosis in all aspects of post-secondary education, including access, readiness, affordability, learning, student experience, workforce alignment, delivery, and funding.

With the establishment of New U Venture Partners, WGU seeks to catalyze and capacitate that metamorphosis for all learners and is uniquely positioned to facilitate and expedite this effort with:

  • Scalable academic operations
  • An obsession with students
  • Innovative technology
  • Data-driven focus

Education is the Greatest Catalyst for Changing Lives

Expanding access, and optimizing student success through online, competency-based degree programs aligned with workforce needs while redefining curricular design, pedagogical and faculty models, student experience, accountability, and affordability, while heavily leveraging technology, WGU has reinvented the institution of higher education and delivered successful outcomes for students. WGU has flourished into a national university serving 110,000+ students in all 50 states, with 71% in one or more underserved categories.

WGU now endeavors to catalyze that transformation and enable the promise of opportunity for all learners, not just those enrolled at WGU, by combining the strength of its large-scale academic operations as an innovation proving ground, with ideation and incubation capability and capital resources to enable large-scale design, launch, and scaling of much-needed innovation—to positively impact the lives of our students and graduates.

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We started WGU with a vision for using technology to change the lives of individuals and families through greater access to quality education.

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Former Utah Governor,
Mike Leavitt

Every Individual Has Worth

We believe in the inherent worth of every individual and that education is the greatest catalyst for changing lives. The democratization of education allows previously underserved learners to realize the promise of higher education, enabling them to create a better life for themselves and their families—providing a generational benefit.