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Incubator of Educational Pursuits

WGU Labs is an incubator of independent, innovative educational pursuits that multiply the effects of WGU’s mission:

Expand Access
Improve Quality
Optimize Student Outcomes

Every WGU Labs project team defines its own unique approach to student-focused products and services aimed to transform the ecosystem of higher education. Besides the rigor of a student-centered design approach, products are wrapped with strategy from advisory council members connected to educational leaders and investors.

WGU Labs recently incubated a college readiness product for underprepared adult learners called WGU Academy. It serves learners who are seeking opportunities to advance to college-level studies, but need a low-risk, low-cost early footing. This model combines psychological support and a scientifically backed curriculum to equip the student for long-term success, expanded options, and superior outcomes.


Within WGU Labs, the Center for Applied Learning Science (CALS) verifies the efficacy of new products and services through substantiated scientific methods, such as randomized controlled trials. Early projects at CALS have worked to test new education products before they are marketed and offered to learners, including projects that aim to remove the psychological and social barriers students often experience in quantitative courses. These activities directly benefit WGU students, as well as like-minded state community college partners nationwide.

CALS has received funding awards from the National Science Foundation, The Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) at MIT, and the Online Learning Consortium. Working with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, CALS is designing an AI-enabled career guidance technology to provide coaching to students through various social channels.

Funding Awards Include:

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  • Equitable Access to Higher Education
  • Student Readiness for Postsecondary Success
  • Innovative Learning Design and Delivery
  • Career Readiness, Reskilling, and Upskilling
  • Global Learning Design and Delivery