Investing First In Outcomes for Individuals

Human Impact + Financial Return

WGU was founded with a mission to change the lives of individuals and families by expanding opportunity through education. Recognized by students, graduates, employers, and policy makers for its focus on individual student outcomes, the university continues to open doors for learners who need flexibility to achieve their career goals. The goal of higher education should be to allow individuals to fit education into their lives, not the other way around.

New U Venture Partners not only offers an exponential impact to the lives of students, at $6 trillion in worldwide spend, the education sector dwarfs retail e-commerce ($2.8 trillion) and enterprise software ($400 billion). NUVP is well positioned to participate in building the next generation of successes like WGU, Pluralsight ($3B), Instructue ($1.3B), Ellucian ($3.5B), Chegg ($3.2B) and ($1.5B).

Unique Insights Drive Outsized Impact

An urgency to solve learning obstacles and improve student outcomes within a framework of student-centered design enables us to focus on scalable solutions, understand market needs, validate student outcomes, and gather insights beyond the classroom.

Understanding Market Needs

Network of Partner Institutions

Key decision makers at leading education institutions provide insight into product/market fit, sales cycles, and latent demand for new solutions

Focus on Scalable Solutions

Traditional VC Diligence

Focus on financial outcomes means investor dollars go to solutions that are long-term financially sustainable and have scalable impact in large markets

Validating Student Outcomes

Center for Applied Learning Science

Access to 100,000+ students and an industry-renowned research team provide quantitative insights into the efficacy of new solutions

Insights Beyond the Classroom

Corporate Network

Large corporations from across the Epic and WGU networks provide insight on outcomes not only for students and educators, but also employers. NUVP is focused on the long-term outcomes for individuals beyond the classroom

Investment Pipeline

Learning Experience Designers lead teams staffed with content developers, engineers, data scientists, and social psychologists to rapidly garner insights into education technologies and approaches the yield optimal results for students. With an unparallel level of access to data, investment decisions are informed by these insights including the outcomes of WGUs 100,000 enrolled students.